My Summer Vacation … Sort of (July 2015 Update)

Normally at this time of year, we are starting our summer vacation in the US.  But this year is totally different.  First, we’ve already had our “summer vacation” this spring while we were in Arkansas to see Meredith and Sean’s new baby, Haven, as well as visiting friends and family.  We had a busy but wonderful time there!  Then, at the beginning of June, we headed back to Kiev to have our real summer vacation…sort of. Continue Reading »

Back in Ukraine (June 2015 Update)

Ministry …

We arrived back in Kiev on Saturday to some of the best weather I have ever experienced in Ukraine.  But we know that won’t last long as summer weather will be here soon.  Already I am working on getting things ready for the next class – which is next week!!! During our time in the US, the director of REALIS contacted me about doing a writing seminar for their students similar to what we have been doing at KTS the last few years.  REALIS offers a Masters degree in Cross-Cultural Communications through Nyack College and Seminary in New York.   I have been familiar with the ministry of REALIS since Todd Marshall began working with them over 10 years ago.  So I was excited to help out, even though it would mean a lot of work getting ready in one week after returning.  But that’s ministry!  Be praying for me as I put together the lectures and exercises in a format that fits their schedule and needs.  Continue Reading »

Grace and Blessings Abounding! (May 2015 Update)

The Blessing of Fellowship

What a joy it has been to be back in the US seeing friends and spending time with family!  We have been to Fayetteville, North Little Rock, and Cabot in Arkansas.  We have visited with dear friends in Memphis, TN, Phenix City, AL and Atlanta, GA.  And we are still on the road, on our way down to Florida to visit with friends and family there.  Continue Reading »

We are back in the states trying to catch up from jetlag!  Kristina did the best.  She adjusted after just 2 days.  Katya and I are still feeling the effects but getting close to normal.  We arrived late Sunday night (March 22), gathered our stuff from storage on Monday and headed to Fayetteville on Tuesday to see the new grandbaby, Haven Grace Cooper!  Katya and I have been helping Sean and Meredith with cleaning and cooking and just enjoying being together.  We have been especially blessed by their church, New Heights Church here in Fayetteville.  They have a great heart for missions and they are allowing us to stay in a missionary apartment while we are here helping Sean and Meredith.  We are looking forward to worshiping with them at New Heights this Sunday.  Continue Reading »

Ready to Head HomeAlmost (March 2015 Update)

We are getting excited about our trip home in just a little less than a month!  Talking with my children and Pray for Ukrainegrandchildren by Skype even makes us more eager to get back home and spend some time with family.  Especially when we are talking with Meredith and Sean and realize that her due date is just a couple weeks away!  We can’t wait!

But… we are not ready yet.  My spring schedule is packed and so I’m running around trying to get everything done before we head back at the end of the month.  I just finished teaching Research and Writing for Biblical Counseling.  This was my first time teaching this Master’s level class.  We’ve taught a similar class on the Bachelors’ level for the last 5 years.  But I had to totally re-work this class and add a number of examples and research related to Biblical Counseling.  The class was one week, from 8:30 each morning until 6 pm each evening.  I was definitely tired but I felt really good about what the students were able to accomplish in 1 week.  I will still have their final Case Studies (research papers) to grade in about a month.  But overall, the class was very helpful and I know it will be a benefit to many for years ahead in their ministries.  The director has already asked if I would teach it again next year.  Continue Reading »

Good News in Difficult Times (February 2015 Update)Tear for Ukraine

The situation is Ukraine continues to worsen, both militarily and economically (more details below).  But even in this very difficult time, the good news of Jesus continues to be spread!  We know soldiers on the front lines are hearing the gospel through scripture deliveries, CD gifts and even personal visits by evangelists.  One man from our church regularly travels to the east bringing clothes, food and the gospel to the soldiers.  They are hearing the gospel and some are being saved!  We also have students who are working as military chaplains and others who are fighting to defend Ukraine from Russian and pro-Russian troops.  All of them are actively bearing witness to Jesus in the most difficult of situations.  Continue Reading »

A Sermon for New Year’s Day by Charles H. Spurgeon

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” Revelation 21:5

How pleased we are with that which is new!  Our children’s eyes sparkle when we talk of giving them a toy or a book which is called new; for our short-lived human nature loves that which has lately come, and is therefore like our own fleeting selves.  In this respect, we are all children, for we eagerly demand the news of the day, and are all too apt to rush after the “many inventions” of the hour.  The Athenians, who spent their time in telling and hearing some new thing, were by no means singular persons: novelty still fascinates the crowd. As the world’s poet says —“All with one consent praise new-born gauds.”  Continue Reading »


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