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“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.”

— Luke 2:14

Shepherds Christmas

It is superstitious to worship angels; it is but proper to love them.  Although it would be a high sin, and an act of misdemeanor against the Sovereign Court of Heaven to pay the slightest adoration to the mightiest angel, yet it would be un­kind and unseemly, if we did not give to holy angels a place in our heart’s warmest love.  In fact, he that contemplates the character of angels, and marks their many deeds of sympathy with men, and kindness towards them, cannot resist the impulse of his nature—the impulse of love towards them.  The one incident in angelic his­tory, to which our text refers, is enough to weld our hearts to them forever.  How free from envy the angels were!  Christ did not come from heaven to save their peers when the fell.  When Satan, the mighty angel, dragged with him a third part of the stars of heaven, Christ did not stoop from his throne to die for them; but he left them to be reserved in chains and darkness until the last great day.  Yet angels did not envy men.  Though they remembered that he took not up angels, yet they did not murmur when he took up the seed of Abraham; and though the blessed Master had never condescended to take the angers form, they did not think it beneath them to express their joy when they found him arrayed in the body of an infant. (more…)

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