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How can we display our love to Christ?  Jesus told Peter, “Feed my sheep.”  In like manner, George Mueller argues that our love for Jesus is seen in our love for one another.

The Only Bond of Union

We should not be satisfied unless we come to this state of heart, that we know nothing less among the disciples than that the precious blood of Christ has made us clean.  That is the bond of union — that belonging to Christ.  One with Christ — that is the great bond to keep before us.  The more we realize that the grace of God has apprehended us in Christ and revealed to our hearts the Lord Jesus Christ, that we are all bought with the same precious blood, that we are all in the same Spirit, that the same life of the risen Jesus is in us, that we are all heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ, and shall before long enter into the glory of God — if these things were more present to our hearts, how loving, kind, and forbearing would the children of God be!

And yet once more in this nineteenth century it would be said, “See how these Christians love one another.”

Only let us seek to aim after this, that we see Christ in each other and not the old nature; but the life of the risen Jesus in each other.  If we seek to discern Christ in each other, how we shall be drawn to each other!

On the Way to the Father’s House

We are to love those who do not care in the least for us.  We are to love those who do not walk with us on the road to Heaven, and whom we have never seen or heard of; that is the will of our heavenly Father regarding us.

We ought to look lovingly on weak disciples, and you and I, instead of looking at their weakness and shortcomings, ought to seek to find out Christ in them.  If we do so, we shall find how dear they will become to our hearts, and we shall love them.

How deeply important to keep this before us in the divine life, that we manifest the mind of Christ. Just as that Blessed One sought not to please Himself, but to be the servant of others, so have we to imitate that Blessed One.

Though not yet perfect in love, we are to aim after that for which we have been apprehended of God in Christ Jesus.  We ought to love one another in spite of the weaknesses and infirmities we see in one another.

We are left here to be representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world.  This great honor He has bestowed upon us here.

God is love, and he who loves most is most like God.  All the members of the heavenly family should remember the precious blood that bought them and love one another whilst on the way to their Father’s house.

Excerpts From: The George Mueller Treasury

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