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Versions of Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress, Barbour and Company, Inc., 1985.

New Pilgrim’s Progress with notes, Discovery House.

Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English, Moody Press.

Pilgrim’s Progress, Moody Press Classic Edition.

Pilgrim’s Progress, Revell Spire Edition.

Pilgrim’s Progress, Whitaker House, 1981 Edition.

Works on Bunyan and His Writings

Bradley, Maureen. The Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company.

Bunyan, John. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. Evangelical Press.

Gateway Films. John Bunyan, The Preacher. An excellent dramatic production of a message by Bunyan delivered in the forest. Very well done.

Offor, George, ed. The Works of John Bunyan. 3 vols., Banner of Truth.

Scott, Thomas. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan with Explanatory Notes by Thomas Scott. Grace Abounding Ministries.

Spurgeon, Charles. Pictures from Pilgrim’s Progress. Pilgrim Publications.

Helps for Children and Families

Dangerous Journey, book and video cassettes. Abridged version but the art is excellent. The video is the book narrated but their zooming in and out on characters and scenes produces a very appealing video.

The Pilgrim’s Progress, audiocassettes, Company One Productions. This resource is especially good, using 77 actors, simplified “old English” and keeping very close to the original text. We have personally listened to them many times. Both of these (as well as many of the above books) can be purchased through Cumberland Valley Bible and Book Service.

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