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Praise for God Who Keeps Us

Praise for God Who Keeps Us

C. H. Spurgeon

Let us adore him who can keep us from falling.

To the people of God, I have to say this dear brothers and sisters, we need keeping; therefore, let us adore him who can keep us.  As saved souls, we need keeping from final apostasy.  “Oh!” saith one, “I thought you taught us that those who are once saved shall never finally apostatize.”  I do believe that doctrine, and delight to preach it; yet it is true that the saved ones would apostatize, every one of them, if the Lord did not keep them. (more…)

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Having a Thankful Heart by Thomas Watson

‘Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name’ (Psalm 29:2).

Let us prove our godliness by gratefulness:

1. ‘It is a good thing to be thankful:‘It is good to sing praises unto our God’ (Psalm 147:1).  It is bad when the tongue (that organ of praise) is out of tune and jars by murmuring and discontent.  But it is a good thing to be thankful.  It is good, because this is all the creature can do to lift up God’s name; and it is good because it tends to make us good.  The more thankful we are, the more holy.  While we pay this tribute of praise, our stock of grace increases.  In other debts, the more we pay, the less we have; but the more we pay this debt of thankfulness, the more grace we have. (more…)

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