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The Next Right Thing … (May 2020 Update)

Nothing is more defeating than defeat! It is one thing to be defeated – it is another to let defeat defeat you. And this is one of Satan’s favorite strategies – when a believer fails in any way, the devil never lets him forget it. He wants the believer to question all possibility of God’s grace. He wants our “defeats” to result in more defeat!

Not so with the grace of God. God’s grace is a constant reminder that, though a believer may fail, he need never fall. Grace reminds us of David’s sin and his restoration. Grace reminds us of Peter’s denial and his restoration. Grace always reminds us that there is not only mercy with the Lord – there is also renewal and restoration. Satan’s desire is to so mire the believer down in his own failure that he becomes useless in the service of the Lord. That’s why we should always say, “Don’t let your defeat defeat you!”

So how can we defeat defeat?

First and most important, we defeat defeat by recognizing that God’s grace and mercy is always greater than all our sin! One of my favorite songs is “Grace that Is Greater than All Our Sin.” It begins with a wonderful reminder: “Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt.” It ends with a wonderful promise: “Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, Freely bestowed on all who believe.” It concludes with an essential question: “Will you this moment His grace receive?” Satan’s accusations are designed to keep us from God’s grace. They are an attempt to make us feel that we do not deserve His mercy or His grace. But God’s grace is greater than all our sin!

Second, we need to remember that God can even use our defeats to shape us, teach us and grow us. Thomas Watson in his All Things for Good notes how God uses even our sinfulness for good.  He writes:

[Even] the sense of their own sinfulness will be overruled for the good of the godly. Thus, our own sins shall work for good. This must be understood warily, when I say the sins of the godly work for good — NOT THAT THERE IS THE LEAST GOOD IN SIN. Sin is like poison, which corrupts the blood, infects the heart, and, without a sovereign antidote, brings death. Such is the venomous nature of sin; it is deadly and damning. Yet, God, by His mighty overruling power, makes sin in the issue turn to the good of his people. Hence, that golden saying of Augustine, “God would never permit evil, if He could not bring good out of evil.”

William Gurnall in his The Christian in Complete Armour says, “”God suffers [allows] his saints to fall to outshoot Satan’s design…. The mysteriousness of his providence hangs a curtain over this work that we cannot see what he is doing.” He then suggests some of the things God MIGHT BE doing when He allows our defeat.

  1. God can also use the fall of saints as an encouragement…. David’s sin was great, but he found mercy. Peter fell soundly, yet is now in heaven.
  2. God also allows Satan to trounce some of his saints by temptation in order to train them to help fellow-brethren in like conditions.”
  3. He allows them to train under Satan’s lash, to get experience in the ways of Satan’s and of their own hearts. No one handles poor souls so gently as those who remember the smart [hurts] of their own heart-sorrows.
  4. God turns their failings to further establish their faith. True faith rises and fights even more valiantly.

Satan wants us to drown in our defeats – God wants us to grow stronger from them.

Finally, whenever we fall down, we need to get back up and continue to serve the Lord. In your defeat, you need to ask what you can do next that might honor and glorify God. And then do it! Satan’s strategy is to keep believers from serving the Lord. His method is to discourage service by causing us to dwell so much upon our defeat that we become ineffective for the Kingdom. Nothing removes Satan’s accusations faster than repenting and serving the Lord again.

I had a friend who employed an effective strategy against Satan’s onslaught. Whenever he was discouraged or felt defeated, he would say, “I’m going to the town square and witness to some people.” He said doing this had a two-fold effect. First, since Satan hates the gospel, it caused him to flee. Second, when some responded positively toward the gospel, joy returned to his own heart when he saw that the Lord was using him again in spite of his failures. How can you defeat defeat? Get up and serve the Lord again! You will be blessed, God will be honored, and you will turn defeat into victory.

Our girls love the Frozen movies. In Frozen 2, Anna descends into depression when she is trapped in a cave and she has apparently lost her sister, Elsa, and her snowman friend, Olaf. Due to her own mistakes, everything seems lost and hopeless. As she sings, depression and defeat reign:

I’ve seen dark before, But not like this

This is cold; This is empty; This is numb

The life I knew is over; The light’s are out

Hello, darkness; I’m ready to succumb

Then at the end of her grief, she realizes that she must do the next right thing:

This grief has a gravity; It pulls me down

But a tiny voice whispers in my mind:

You are lost, hope is gone

But you must go on,

And do the next right thing

Anna rises from her grief and begins, step by step, to do the right thing not knowing what the outcome will be.

So I’ll walk through this night, Stumbling blindly toward the light

And do the next right thing

And with the dawn, what comes then?

When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again

Then I’ll make the choice, To hear that voice

And do the next right thing

But as she continues on, her actions ultimately result in rescuing her sister and saving the day! All because she made a decision to do the next right thing.

But this is not Disney theology. It is biblical truth. Years ago, Elizabeth Elliot often quoted a poem called “Do the Next Thing” by Minne Paull (1897). What should you do when all seems lost? Do the next right thing and leave the results in the hands of the Lord!

From an old English parsonage down by the sea

There came in the twilight a message to me;

Its quaint Saxon legend, deeply engraven,

Hath, it seems to me, teaching from Heaven.

And on through the doors the quiet words ring

Like a low inspiration: “DO THE NEXT THING.”


Many a questioning, many a fear,

Many a doubt, hath its quieting here.

Moment by moment, let down from Heaven,

Time, opportunity, and guidance are given.

Fear not tomorrows, child of the King,

Trust them with Jesus, do the next thing


Do it immediately, do it with prayer;

Do it reliantly, casting all care;

Do it with reverence, tracing His hand

Who placed it before thee with earnest command.

Stayed on Omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing,

Leave all results, do the next thing.


Looking for Jesus, ever serener,

Working or suffering, be thy demeanor;

In His dear presence, the rest of His calm,

The light of His countenance be thy psalm,

Strong in His faithfulness, praise and sing.

Then, as He beckons thee, do the next thing.

“Do the next right thing”

So, what will you do with your defeats and failures? Will you sit on the floor and let Satan convince you that you are not useful anymore? Or will you repent, receive God’s matchless, endless grace, and … do the next right thing?

Teaching …

I am currently teaching two classes at the seminary right now – totally online. When the Ukrainian government declared a total quarantine because of the Coronavirus, we needed to make a decision – quickly! Some professors decided that they could not do their classes in a totally online environment in such short notice. But we decided to try, even though it meant a lot of work in a short time converting the classes into online classes. But we did it and the first class is nearly completed (ends next week) and the second class has just begun. And the students’s responses about the classes have been very positive. Continue to pray for us as we teach these two classes. I have 17 students in the first class and 38 in the second, so we have lots of papers to grade! The quarantine certainly limits us but we plan to go on … and do the next right thing!

KTS under Quarantine …

So … what has it been like for the seminary, students and professors during the quarantine? I was asked to write an article for the seminary newsletter this month trying to give some perspective on the situation here in Ukraine. In Ukraine, we have been under quarantine since early March. It has just been extended now until May 22. It may even be longer (There is talk of extending it until July)!  Everyone is required to wear masks, have temperatures taken to enter the few businesses that are open and work from home if possible. There are no buses, trams, or metro for this city of nearly 3 million. Here is the article I wrote for the seminary:

“It is like something out of a science fiction movie. The busy streets of Kiev are almost entirely empty. The few that walk around are wearing masks. Lines outside grocery stores often snake around the corner, reminding some of Soviet bread lines.  All restaurants, movie theatres, and most businesses are closed. Airports, train stations, the metro and buses do not operate. It seems like everything in Ukraine has been stopped because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Everything except biblical, theological education at Kiev Theological Seminary.

“The quarantine has been imposed for nearly two months now and will be extended at least another 2 weeks. And after that, no one knows. But at KTS, students are still being equipped and prepared for ministry. But it has not been without difficulties. When the government ordered all schools to close, the professors and students at KTS were faced with many essential changes. Classes were quickly adapted to a totally online format using various media, including Zoom.

“For students, life during the quarantine has been difficult. Unlike most seminaries in the United States, almost all the students at KTS work a regular job to support their families while taking vacation time and education time to complete studies at the seminary. But during the quarantine, most students have been without work and without the normal means to support their families. Yet the students wanted to continue studying and learning about ministry. During this time, classes have been taught in Church Planting, Biblical Counseling, Old Testament, Theology, Youth Ministry, Christian Education and Pastoral Ministry. For many students, this has been a difficult challenge. Students miss the camaraderie of sharing their personal lives that the in-class sessions offer and opportunity to have personal dialogues with professors.  Additionally, most online classes require more work than a regular class. But the students are doing well, and they are learning how to adapt some of these same principles even to their own church ministries.  Most of the students are conducting church services, discipleship and youth ministries, and even outreach using the lessons they are learning through social media. Please continue to pray for the students as they continue their studies during this time of quarantine.

“For professors, there have also been many new challenges.  Before the quarantine, most had very limited experience teaching online.  This meant that they had to learn how to adapt classes to new online formats and how to use different types of social media that many had never used before.  Teaching online also meant a greatly increased workload for each of the professors. Online classes required professors to do much more planning in advance and also meant that they had many more papers to grade.

“The quarantine also affected a number of American missionaries who are serving at KTS. Some of our professors and their families were travelling in the States when Ukraine closed its borders and shut down all flights. Yet despite this difficulty, even some of these professors taught their classes using social media while they were still in America! For those still in Ukraine, the quarantine meant that they could not travel back to the states to visit family as they had planned. But all of them continue to serve the church in Ukraine in every way they can during the crisis.

“All of this reminds me of the ending of the Book of Acts. In reality, it doesn’t really end. It “ends” with Paul in house arrest awaiting trial. But even in this circumstance, he is still preaching and teaching the gospel. Luke concludes Acts with ministry continuing, even in the most difficult of circumstances, saying of Paul: “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” That’s what is happening at KTS in Ukraine. Everything else might be shut down but we are continuing to teach, and train, and proclaim the gospel “with all boldness and without hindrance!”

Please pray for us as we continue this essential work of equipping ministers for life and ministry during these times!

My Health …

After doing so well in my rehab the last few months, I had a very major setback last month. I was walking briskly an hour a day with no difficulty. Then I started having chest pains and difficulty breathing again on hills and stairs. My walking decreased rapidly to where I was having trouble with any distance and stairs and hills were impossible. I returned to the doctor and they tested a variety of possible issues (gastro, pulmonary, neurological and cardio). As my condition worsened, the cardiologist decided we needed another angiogram to check the stent and blood flow. Another angiogram was done and it showed the stent was fine but blood flow was severely reduced because of pericarditis that had returned. They diagnosed it as acute recurrent (or chronic) pericarditis requiring at least 6 more months of anti-inflammatory meds and rest and follow-up. Now, I still feel terrible and weak – much worse than I felt in December. I’ve been told it could take a few weeks for me to begin to feel the effect of the medicines.

This is much harder to deal with. I’m back on lots of meds, especially anti-inflammatory drugs and trying to rest. Acute pericarditis feels a lot like having a continual pneumonia. When the pericardial sac around the heart becomes inflamed, every beat and expansion of the heart rubs against the sac causing more pain and more inflammation. Even small amounts of exertion bring chest pain, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. Where I was able to walk briskly for over an hour, now sometimes even a short walk to the bathroom leaves me breathless.

But it is hard to rest when I’m teaching two classes right now (one is finishing and the other starting). So I am working for thirty minutes to an hour and then resting for a couple hours.  It has been hard.  And I am not allowed to do much exercise during this period because it will aggravate the heart. Be praying for strength as I finish these classes and try to get some rest too!

Family Time …

The quarantine has had little effect on our family since we live in the country and homeschool. We canned and preserved as much as possible from our garden in the summer and so we still have plenty of food for another month or so. But it has impacted our thinking in many ways. Even though toilet paper is not scare here in Ukraine, I have gotten to thinking about each “square” that I use. Previously, I never cared how many squares I used. Also, we frequently think about how to stretch meals so that we have fewer trips to the store.

Our girls continue life pretty much as normal during the quarantine. We homeschool in the mornings and we continue to read from the Chronicles of Narnia every night. We are nearly finished with Prince Caspian now. With the “warmer” spring weather, the girls are enjoying skating, riding bikes and climbing trees. But sometimes they even feel the effects of the quarantine. One time, as we were putting the girls to bed, Kristina said, “After I fall asleep, wake me up and put me in the car and drive around the neighborhood and then come back home and we will pretend we came to a motel.” Yeah, they haven’t been in the car for over 2 months now!

Easter time was a special time for us even though we were not able to be at church with friends. On Friday, we had our Passover Seder meal and remembered God’s deliverance of Israel and how the Lord’s Supper reminds us about Jesus death for us as the Lamb of God. On Easter Sunday, we participated in church service through zoom and then had an Easter egg hunt for the girls in our yard. We had a great time remembering what Jesus has done for us and eating candy and eggs!

Financial Needs … 

God continues to surprise us with His provisions and His timing. This month, we had two unexpected gifts that again helped us financially. But we know that we really need to add 3-5 new families to get our support level back up to its previous level. We know this will be an especially difficult time for people in America with all the job cut-backs and job losses. This is one reason we are asking you to prayer for our financial support. We need to be sure we can get our support level back to in case some other families need to reduce support during these times.

Pray for Ukraine …

Thank you for praying for Ukraine. We continue to be under an almost complete quarantine in Ukraine with most business closed and no buses or metro operating. This is becoming difficult for many people in Ukraine since they depend on having work to survive. And it is also difficult for pensioners who not only have a limited income, but they totally depend on mass transportation to get anywhere.  Our quarantine has been extended from April 24th until May 20th now. This means more and more people have needs. Our church in Kyiv is responding to meet some of those needs by supplying bags of food and other necessities to people who need them. Rather than complaining about our limitations during the quarantine, our church has decided to do the next right thing. Be praying for the churches of Ukraine as they try to minister to both spiritual and physical needs of people in Ukraine!

Forgotten in all this is the war that is still going on in the East. The Russian-backed forces continue to attack Ukraine daily even though almost everything else has shut down in Ukraine. But evil never takes a break!

Thank you again for your support and your prayers. We hope you are all doing well, and more importantly, we hope you are finding ways to continue serving the Lord, even in the smallest of ways. If you are struggling, or depressed or feeling defeated, remember God’s grace and then take steps to do the next right thing!

By His Grace

Jim and Katya, Kristina and Nadia


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Home At Last! J. C. Ryle

Home At Last! 

by J. C. Ryle

There shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life. —Rev. 21:27 

Brethren, there can be no question about the place described in our text: it is heaven itself, that holy city, the new Jerusalem, which is yet to be revealed. 

I begin this my last Sunday among you by speaking of heaven.  Before I depart and leave you in the wilderness of this world, I would dwell a little on that Canaan God has promised to them that love Him; there it is the last and best wish of my heart you may all go; there it is my consolation to believe I shall at all events meet some of you again.  (more…)

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One of the things I love about college football is the Bowl Season. It is unique in sports to college football. It allows many teams, even some with 6-6 records to finish their year with an opportunity for a special “championship” moment. Other sports have a playoff system that ultimately has many losers and only one winner. But, in college football, many teams will end the year with a special moment in a College Bowl Game.  

But I also love that, every year, every team starts the new year with the same record – 0 wins and 0 losses. Even an undefeated National Champion starts the year in the fall with the same record as a team that didn’t win even one game the previous year. And coaches of National Championships often have the hardest time. They have to constantly remind their players that this is a new season and they need to forget the past and win again this season if they want to be champions again. Teams that “rest on their laurels” will have a hard time making it back to the playoffs again. In college football, teams have to start each new season by “forgetting what lies behind.”  (more…)

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God Sent Forth His Son… (December 2019 Update)

In Galatians 4:4-6, Paul gives us a summary of the Christmas story: “In the fulness of time, God sent forth His son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His son into your hearts, crying ‘Abba, Father.’” When we think of Christmas, we often turn to familiar stories surrounding the birth of Jesus. But here, Paul reminds us that Christmas is more than just a “babe in a manger.” (more…)

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Public Worship  (September 2019 Update)

“Private worship is more important than Public Worship.” Until a few weeks ago, this is what I have always said and believed. But in preparing for teaching a class on Worship, I read an article by Don Whitney on “Private Worship.”i In his introduction, he wrote about a sermon by David Clarkson, Public Worship to be Preferred Before Private” which changed his mind. After reading Don’s comments about the sermon, I then read the sermon itself. I was convinced!  Clarkson has 12 lengthy major points followed by 9 explanations and another 11 exhortations or applications! Here are a few reasons that I have summarized from this excellent sermon with a couple more of my own observations.  (more…)

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How Beautiful … (August 2019 Update)

“And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!’ (Romans 10:15).  In Romans 9-11, Paul speaks about the sovereign work of God in election, calling and salvation. In fact, Romans 9 and Romans 11 are considered to be the strongest chapters on election and predestination in the Bible. However, sandwiched in between Romans 9 and 11 is Romans 10 – one of the strongest chapters on personal responsibility!

In Romans 10:9-13, Paul speaks about the necessity for every individual to choose Christ. He makes it clear that conversion takes place when “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” In other words, we must tell people to choose Christ. In Romans 10:13, he reminds us that “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (more…)

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Letters of Christ  (June 2019 Update)

Few things are more exciting than receiving a letter. Receiving a good letter of recommendation for your long-awaited job might be the best of all! In 2 Corinthians 3, the Apostle Paul speaks about “letters of commendation” (i.e. recommendation). He says that he does not need letters of recommendation about his ministry – the people he has ministered to are his letters of recommendation! “Do we need, as some, letters of commendation to you or from you? You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (2 Cor. 3:1–3).

This is a common theme in Paul’s writings. When he was being criticized for his ministry, his response was always: look at the people and their changed lives as proof of the validity of my ministry. In ministry, we are in the business of changing lives. Sometimes we see the results; sometimes we do not see them for many years. But we continue to serve knowing that all the results are in the Lord’s hands.

May is a time for seeing the completion of another academic year while looking forward to getting ready for classes for the new year. For me, it means the last class of the semester is completed and graduation for the students has come. It is a time of remembering that all we do is to prepare students so that they will go out and be “letters of Christ” to the world.

Teaching Ministry …

In May, I taught my final class for this semester, Critical Thinking 1. This class teaches students to do research and to write clearly and logically. It is really one of the most important classes that we teach at the seminary because it forms a foundation for thinking that helps, not only in writing, but also in teaching Bible Studies and in preaching sermons.

This year’s class seemed very excited about learning to write and think logically. In all our exercises, we try to give biblical support and connections so students can see how this affect their ministries. We receive many positive comments in the student’s evaluations. One student’s comment in the class evaluation was, “I can now write an essay!” For many, this is a big step. Most schools here do not spend time teaching students the basics of research and writing so many students who come to seminary have trouble writing clearly.

Other students mentioned how this class helped them to think logically and eliminate logical errors in their thinking. But my favorite comment was “God was in this teacher! This was most important!” Of course, teaching the material is important, but I always hope that they are learning spiritually also. This is especially hard in a class on research and writing. But I try to incorporate many practical ministry and theological concepts in our examples. More than anything, I hope every student can see God’s Word at the foundation of all we do – even writing classes!

Also, May is time for graduation. It is exciting to see some of the fruits of our labors on graduation day. This year, we had students graduate in our Biblical studies program, Youth Ministry, Missions, Chaplaincy, Pastoral Ministries and Church Planting. We also had a number of students graduate in our Masters of Biblical Counseling Program this year including one student from France who is a missionary sharing the gospel with Muslims there (a very difficult ministry!). What a joy to see these graduates complete their studies and head out into various ministries!

In July, we will be traveling to Western Ukraine to help teach at an English Camp outreach in Svalyava near the border of Romania and Slovenia. Normally this church has a number of helpers coming from the UK to help with their camp. This year, they only have two helpers so Katya and I are excited to be able to come and help with this outreach. Be praying for us as we travel there and help teach English and the gospel at this camp.

Preparing for Fall … 

Even though classes are finished for this semester, my work is not. I am working on getting classes ready for fall. In September, I will be teaching Prayer and Worship (KTS) and then Evangelism (KTS). In October, I travel to L’viv to teach the Prayer and Worship class at Ukrainian Baptist Seminary there. In November, I will be teaching Church History at Kiev Seminary. I also have one more paper (from 42 students!) to grade that is due in the middle of June.

Also this summer, I will be creating a new Evangelism class for the Church Planting department. I have reformatted the class so that we will study the theology of evangelism each morning and then we will have some practical exercises and outreach each afternoon. This is an entirely new class so I have a lot of materials (handouts and PowerPoints) to prepare over the summer so that the materials can be translated before September.

Our Family …

June also marks the end of our first Home School year! The girls have learned a lot and it has been a lot of fun too! We have learned about God’s creatures and the girls are learning to read. This summer, they will be reading and doing some science projects. They are excited about school at this point. The first days of June, we took a short break and the girls were asking to do school. They even starting “playing school” so they could keep their routine. We will be doing some Bible verses and science and reading throughout the summer.

But we are looking forward to doing some out-door activities too. There were a couple of holidays at the end of May in Kiev and we enjoyed taking the girls to some of the activities. We went to Kiev Day one weekend and then to International Children’s Day the following weekend. They especially enjoyed the carousel, the plays, the bands and the water fountains!

We are also beginning to harvest some of our fruits from our garden. The girls are enjoying finding strawberries to eat nearly every day. They are also enjoying preparing salads from the garden. It has been a real blessing having our garden after living in an apartment so many years! We are looking forward to seeing the harvest God will give us this summer!

Prayer Needs …

Thank you for praying for Katya’s mother. In February, she had some strokes but she has improved a lot. Continue praying for Debbie’s mom and dad, Bill and Sally McCullough. Sally’s health continues to decline. Joy was able to spend a weekend with them just encouraging them and helping them out.

Please continue praying for my health also. It is difficult to say how I am doing. Some days, I feel pretty normal. Other days, it is difficult to breathe and I get very tired. When I am teaching, I have to make sure I take a rest at every break and I usually don’t eat lunch in the cafeteria – I take a short nap instead. But, on the whole, I am doing okay. Thank you for praying for my strength as I teach.

Pray for Ukraine …

Continue to pray for Ukraine, especially regarding the war in the East. Russia continues to send more weapons into the area while denying they are doing so (they are caught on camera by UN observers frequently). They have stepped up attacks on the frontlines. We were seeing 1-2 Ukrainian soldiers killed per week. Last month, we saw 2-3 killed per day. Pray for peace in the east and for the millions of refugees this war has created. Also pray for those who minister in these areas, both chaplains and pastors.

One new concern is about what will happen in January 2020. Currently Russia sends most of its natural gas to Europe through pipelines in Ukraine. Russia pays Ukraine $4 Billion/year as a transit fee. This contract ends December 31, 2019. Putin has said publicly that Ukraine will not negotiate (not true – Ukraine will lose a substantial amount of much-needed money without this contract). Since 2014, Ukraine has not bought any gas from Russia. They buy gas from Europe that is really Russian gas resold to Ukraine. Last month, Putin said that the supplies to Europe will be reduced so that Ukraine will not have any gas. Without the gas transit contract and the European gas reversals, Putin said that Ukraine will freeze. He is correct. He has cut off gas supplies to punish Ukraine twice in the past (for a couple weeks) and that was when Ukraine was on “friendly terms” with Moscow. So we expect that, at the very least, gas prices will rise significantly. At worst, we will be without gas heat. In preparation, we are planning to convert our gas heating system over to electric as a precaution. This will cost us around $1000 but we think it is a better option than having no heat in the winter. We are hoping to do this near the end of the summer.

What about your life? What kind of letter of Christ are you? If the people you minister to were your letters of recommendation, would Christ commend you? Would you be a letter for Christ that the whole world could read and see Jesus? We want that to be our recommendation – that we are changing lives for the sake of Christ! Pray that we can be faithful to this task and also that our efforts will bear lasting fruit in His kingdom. Pray that we will truly be “letters of Christ” in Ukraine! Thank you for praying for us and for supporting us in this great work!

By His Grace,

Jim and Katya

Kristina and Nadia


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