Redeeming the Time … (November 2016 Update)

“Time is man’s opportunity to accomplish the work for which he is living.” So says Richard Baxter in his A Christian Directory.  Through the years, people have often asked me what I needed the most prayer for and I have often responded, “time.”  Time goes by so quickly and there is so much to be done for the Lord.  We need to “redeem the time” so that we can do the most for the Kingdom while we are here.

Time is my greatest need this month too!  Or at least the wisdom to use the time wisely that the Lord gives me.  November will be my busiest month this year with teaching 3 classes, getting ready to return to the states for Christmas, and trying to get everything arranged and set up for the workers so work can continue on the house while we are gone. Continue Reading »

This past month, I began my 21st year teaching in Ukraine!  It is still difficult to believe that I have been teaching here this long.  But in September, as classes resumed, I realized that we still have much ministry ahead.  Here are some of the ministry opportunities we have coming up. Continue Reading »


September marks a major milestone in our ministry as I begin my 21st year teaching through Teaching Resources! 20 years ago, Jim came to Ukraine to teach the first class at Kiev Theological Seminary.  Since that time, Jim has taught an average of 4-7 classes every year in Ukraine. We have seen many graduates go out from the seminary.  Additionally, Jim has taught in many other countries, including Haiti, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia and Bulgaria. These years have been filled with great ministry, memories and an abundance of God’s grace!  Here are a few of his memories. Continue Reading »

Big Steps (July Update)

Big Steps … (July 2016 Update)

June has been a month of big steps for us in almost every area.  We made big steps in ministry, in our family and with our house.  Here’s a quick update about June and the next steps for us for July.

Big Steps in Ministry …

In May, I finished teaching my last class for this academic year.  But I still had papers and assignments to grade before I could officially call it “summer break.” In June, I received 2 sets of papers from nearly 40 students so I set to work grading and evaluating papers from the class. Almost all the papers are graded and I will be working on final grades for this class.  Hopefully before July, I will be finished for this summer!  Then I will be taking a little time each week to get my classes ready for September.  But mostly, I will be trying to get some work done on our house before the fall semester rolls around.

Thanks for praying for me as I taught at a church conference in Cherkassy, Ukraine. I taught on the theology and practice of prayer.  Dan Upchurch taught on church planting and outreach.  We had a great conference with this wonderful church in Cherkassy. Continue Reading »

Learning to Walk … (June 2016 Update)

May has been a month of “learning to walk” in so many ways. Nadia is learning to walk physically, and we are learning to walk spiritually.  And, with graduation in May, we had the joy of seeing our graduates “walk” and begin “walking out” their faith in their ministries! So we are all learning to walk! Continue Reading »

God at Work! (May 2016 Update)

I often get a kick whenever I see the sign “Men at Work.” That’s because, inevitably, there will be one guy working and 5-6 others standing around watching (usually giving advice too!).  I noticed the same here in Ukraine recently – one guy in a manhole and 5-6 others standing around watching him work!  I guess it’s universal!

But God is always at work bringing about His perfect plans in His perfect timing – whether we see Him or not!  This past month, we have been blessed to see many evidences of God at work in our lives and in the lives of many that we ministry to. Continue Reading »

He is Risen, Indeed! (April 2016 Update)

In Ukraine, Easter is still a month away (May 1) because Ukraine follows the Orthodox Easter.  But our friends and families in the US will be celebrating the Resurrection this Sunday! No event in human history compares to the resurrection of Jesus!  When you compare all the other major religions in the world, only Christianity has a resurrected founder.  Only Christianity has a living redeemer!  The resurrection is clearly the most unique event in all of human history!

But it is more than “unique.”  It is also the most significant event in history.  Because, without the resurrection, even the cross of Jesus is meaningless.  Why?  Because the resurrection verifies who Jesus is (Romans 1:4) and proves that He conquered both sin and death.  Let me explain.  When Jesus died on the cross, all our sins were placed on Him.  If He goes into the grave and does not rise from the dead, then He has not paid for our sins in full.  Because death is the penalty for sin.  And if our sins are not paid for in full, Jesus cannot rise from the death because there will still be sins on Him that He did not atone for.  But when he rises from the dead, it is proof that all our sins have been paid in full by the death of Jesus on the cross. And the resurrection proves they are all paid for!  This is why we celebrate the resurrection, not just once a year on Easter, but every Sunday – He is risen indeed! Continue Reading »