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“April Flowers Bring May … Grass?” (May 2013 Update)


Okay.  I know that sounds strange to most American.  We all know that “April Showers bring May Flowers.”  But in the Ukrainian calendar (as well as most Eastern European countries), the first budding of flowers is in April (beautiful cherry and apricot blossoms).  That gives way to the coming of green grass everywhere by May.  So April is Квітень (“flowers”) and May is appropriately named Травень or “Grass.”  For us, it means the cold is gone for this year and the flowers and warm weather have returned!

April and May are also times of high pollen co
unt.  So I have been battling sinus infections much of the month.  But that seems a small price to pay for some warm weather! (more…)

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I’m continuing to work on my Russian and I am making some progress.  My understanding is greatly improving.  Depending on the conversation, I usually understand most of what I hear (depending on the context and the speaker).  That’s a big improvement. Speaking in Russian, however, is another story.  I can carry on conversations, but only with a lot of hesitating and stopping to correct myself and trying again.  Getting case endings right is really difficult.  It seems like, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know! (more…)

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