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“Go West, Young Man” (February 2016 Update)

Heading to Lviv …

Those were the words of Horace Greely encouraging young veterans of the American Civil War to go west to find a place where they can be useful.  Many did and it opened the westward expansion of the United States.  Well, I’m not a young man but I’m headed west again to teach in Lviv.  I am excited about the growth of the new seminary there and I am looking forward to teaching there again next week.

Be praying for me as I gather everything I need for the class, finish lecture preparations and try to 2016.02 Lviv class (1)get everything ready here at home so Katya and the kinds will have everything they need while I am gone.  I will be teaching Christology and Soteriology and I have not taught either for over 4 years, so I have some brushing up to do!  I’ll be traveling by train so I have about 5 hours to read and get ready for Monday morning’s class.  Thanks for praying for me as I teach!


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Pray for UkraineWe Know Not What to Do … Our Eyes are on You! (April Update)

Amazing things have happened in Ukraine since our last update – both good and bad!  To begin with, the revolution in Ukraine made an amazing, maybe even miraculous, turn around the day after we sent out our last update.  Then I told you about the brave Ukrainians who had been surrounded by the government forces and seemed to be on the verge of being overrun at any moment.  The government had closed the metro and all roads coming into Kiev and had placed sandbags and military vehicles and machine guns at the roadblocks.  More and more Special Forces were being brought into Kiev coming off buses with automatic weapons and with the permission to use them.  The protesters were surrounded on three sides by the government forces.  Things seemed pretty hopeless for the anti-government forces. (more…)

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“Rushin’ to Russian!” (October 2013 Update)In=Yaz

Life has been very busy for me this past month.  In September, I taught a class on Christology.  I also decided to take a university class in Russian at Kiev National Linguistic University.  While I was told the class would begin September 16th  (the week after the Christology class was over), like many things in Ukraine, I found out it would begin on the 9th (the day my Christology class began).  So I would teach class for 4 hours in the morning, leave immediately after class to ride the metro for an hour to get to at least part of the Russian class.  I was able to catch about 15-20 minutes of class, get my homework for the next day then head back to the metro (another hour) so I could get home to prepare for teaching the next day!  It was a wild week, but I survived – I definitely did not want to fall behind on the class.  (more…)

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“June Has Me Seeing Red! … Okay, Red Berries” (June 2013 Update)

Working with Students in CT1

The names of months in Ukraine continue to be very interesting to me!  June is called Червень or “Red” because it is the month when all the red berries come out.  It is a wonderful time for sweet, fresh fruits after the winter months.  It’s also a beautiful time of year when the weather is warm and the flowers are in full bloom.

For me, it also means getting ready to return home for a summer break!  And I’m ready!  (Okay, not really… I still have a lot to do before we can leave).  After teaching the entire month, having some commitment every weekend in May, we are very tired (maybe “red eyes”) and looking forward to some summer rest. (more…)

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“April Flowers Bring May … Grass?” (May 2013 Update)


Okay.  I know that sounds strange to most American.  We all know that “April Showers bring May Flowers.”  But in the Ukrainian calendar (as well as most Eastern European countries), the first budding of flowers is in April (beautiful cherry and apricot blossoms).  That gives way to the coming of green grass everywhere by May.  So April is Квітень (“flowers”) and May is appropriately named Травень or “Grass.”  For us, it means the cold is gone for this year and the flowers and warm weather have returned!

April and May are also times of high pollen co
unt.  So I have been battling sinus infections much of the month.  But that seems a small price to pay for some warm weather! (more…)

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“March (and April) Madness”

“March (and April) Madness” (April 2013 Update)March Snow Storm in Kiev

No, it’s not about basketball, although I certainly love that too!  It’s about our busy schedule.  At the end of last month, I helped out with a church planting class on prayer.  Jim Albright (from the International Church in Milan) taught the class but I helped with preparations, hosting, grading and teaching some of the classes.  Katya and I were delighted to have Jim and Karen spend the two weeks at our home also.  It was a great joy being able to see them and having Jim teach his first class for us.  But it was also very busy with class every day and small group or other ministries each night.  All of this with the biggest snowfall in Ukraine since the 1960s!

The Prayer class for Church Planters was a special joy.  This group of 4 students will be graduating this May and it was great to spend the week with them learning more about their lives and ministries.  (Normally I teach classes of over 30 so I don’t have a lot of one-on-one time with students).  One student from Lithuania came to Christ in prison and he is actively involved in leading a new church plant in Lithuania.   Another student has planted a church near Kiev after serving as a missionary in Kazakhstan.   The other two students came to faith out of drugs and alcohol (one out of Satan worship!) and they are planting a new church in eastern Ukraine.   What a joy to hear how their seminary education has changed their lives and helped them in ministry! (more…)

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